Week Beginning May 23rd

posted 22 May 2016, 14:11 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 22 May 2016, 14:11 ]

The children have a special focus on Where Clothes Come From and Cultural Clothes this week. This will be an important research week for the children to find out more about how clothes are made as well as the origin of their clothes and materials. The children will also use Enquiry to research wool and cotton and find out where they come from and how they are made into clothing. They will use books, online videos, crafts and materials to discover new knowledge and understanding.

This week the main Personal Quality Focus is Communication skills. In P1 communication is; being able to show feelings to others through actions, listening to others and explaining ideas and learning. 


These are four main learning strands that we are focusing on this week;

Independence and Interdependence

1.5 their own ethnic group and other ethnic groups


2.10 exploring and observing the use of print


3.8 moving in space and moving in rhythm

Healthy Living

4.9 keeping themselves safe from harm

The children will be learning about;

* Investigating what clothes are made from what Materials

* A collection of Non-fiction stories about Materials

* Video clips about Materials 

* Compare and contrast similarities and differences between cotton, wool and denim

* Mapping where particular clothes are worn around the world

* Subtraction and Addition within 5, 8 and 10

* Writing short sentences with and without a writing frame

* Spelling, writing and reading CVC words, CCVC words, CVCC words and High Frequency words

* Measuring with non-standard units 

* O'clock and half past times 

* the 7 continents around the world in preparation for ICD on May 27th 

Home learning links;

*Using a map talk to your child about the world being grouped into 7 parts called Continents. If possible show them all the continents and where their Home and Host country is * 

Important Dates;

* Literacy Open Morning Wednesday 25th May at 09:30 in P1 classroom * 

* ICD on Friday May 27th - Please wear the ICD t-shirt today * 

* P1 Sports Day June 17th 08:45 - 09:30. All welcome to come and watch *

* P1 Swimming Gala June 21st in the afternoon. All welcome to come and watch *