week beginning May 15th

posted 11 May 2017, 21:05 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 21 May 2017, 19:24 ]
The 4 learning blocks in our 'Brilliant Bug Ball' unit are;
Block 1 - looking after minibeasts
Block 2 - patterns shape, colours and numbers
Block 3 - minibeasts on the move
Block 4 - preparing for the ball 

This coming week we begin Learning Block 1; looking after minibeasts. We will begin by introducing the story Snail Trail by Ruth Brown. This book tells a story from the perspective of a minibeast as he explores and travels across a small area of vegetable patch. This will begin our learning about size and how to compare different sizes in terms of what is small and what is big in different perspectives. The non-fiction book First Facts Bugs will help the children use Enquiry to find out new information.


Our Big Question is How can we care for mini-beasts? Why is it important to be kind to minibeasts?This will lead us into an enquiry and discussion about habitats and food that insects eat as well as how to be respectful when handling them. 

Our Visible Thinking Tool this week will be 'I used to think and now I know'. This is a new tool that the children tried during the reflection week of our Dinosaur Detective unit. This tool enables lots of peer discussions and a great opportunity for reflection once the children have more knowledge of minibeasts later in the unit. 

There will be many Personal Qualities used this week in our learning activities. Respect in P1 means caring for others and our environment. 
Enquiry in P1 is asking questions and using books to find out information.  

Our learning activities this week include;
* Making a wormery
* Minibeast poetry and sentence writing
* Addition and subtraction within 20 
* The life cycle of the caterpillar 
* Drama games to help talk about the life cycle stages
* Making and solving worm puzzles

Important Dates:
May 17th - 08:30 - 09:30 Maths open morning in the P1 classroom

May 26th - International Children's Day (All children need a white t-shirt, a cleaned out milk or juice carton with your name on the bottom and an empty 500ml water bottle. I need these items ASAP. 

June 16th - P1 Class Assembly