Week beginning March 6th

posted 2 Mar 2017, 19:49 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 2 Mar 2017, 19:50 ]

The four Learning Blocks in Dinosaur Detectives will take approximately two weeks each. These are called; 1. Dinosaurs big and small. 2. Digging up the past. 3. Dinosaur Dilemmas. 4. Dinosaur Dance. 

This week is the first week of Learning Block 2; Digging up the past.  The main focus of learning is on dinosaur fossils, exploration of dinosaur bones, starting to understand what a museum is, creating a museum in the role-play area, making clay foot prints and discovering fossils in the sand area. The term Archaeologist will be talked about and the children will learn what an Archaeologist does and how they use equipment to learn more about dinosaurs..   

Our Big Question this week is; why are dinosaur bones useful? The learning activities planned are designed to help the children understand this questions and develop their knowledge as the Learning Block develops. This question is asked on a Monday and reflected upon all week. On a Friday I record what else the children know. 

The Literacy and Numeracy is all part of the IEYC but each week there are some stand alone learning activities to ensure full curriculum coverage. The new sound this week is; air (fair, chair, stair, pair, hair, lair). The math block this week is; 2D and 3D Shape and Data Handling.  

The children will be learning;
- what a fossil is
- about dinosaur treasure found in an authentic treasure box
- the correct way to digging up dinosaur bones
- what tools Archaeologists use on a dinosaur dig 
- how to label items for a Museum
- how to accurately weigh and measure (dinosaur bones) 
- to read and spell air words
- how to form air words correctly
- how to use air words in sentences
- names of 2D and 3D shape
- shape characteristics 
- how to display data in graph form

The main learning strands this week will be;
Strand 1: Independence and Interdependence
1.8b demonstrating consideration in group situations
1.27b being a member of a team and learning with others  

Strand 2: Communicating
2.9b using language to discuss the past and present and to make predictions about the future events.
2.29b writing for a range of purposes and meaningful real-life and play contexts
2.53b ordering and classifying size and shape in practical contexts
2.54b selecting sizes and shapes according to given criteria
2.58b collecting simple data and representing pictorially 

Strand 3: Enquiring 
3.1b using the senses to make discoveries
3.14b classifying living and non-living things
3.24b exploring evidence and artifacts that inform us about life long ago   

Strand 4: Healthy living and physical well-being 
4.13b body and shape awareness

The Personal Quality main focus will be Cooperation this week. In P1 Cooperation is; 
working together and helping others to take part in a friendly positive way.  

Home Learning: 
Bring in your own piece of treasure from home with a hand written label on it. Think about why its so special to you and how you have cared for it. Be ready to present this to the class in the afternoon. 

Watch some dinosaur clips; Andy's Dinosaur Adventure's on BBC is ideal for P1 and full of interesting dinosaur facts to help improve knowledge. 

Important information:  

Ms. Lana joined P1 as the new learning assistant. She has been living and working in New York for ten years as a learning assistant. Ms. Lana is experienced and a great asset. 

There will be no P.E for the next two weeks until after the School Show. The children will spend this time learning the song and practicing the actions to go with it. 

March 8th - No school 
March 9th - Holi Assembly at 08:40 in the Gym Hall
March 10th - Women's Day Assembly at 14:30

March 14th - Whole school dress rehearsal at 09:00
March 17th - School Show at 7pm (Specific P1 information will go out via a letter next week)