week beginning March 20th

posted 16 Mar 2017, 20:59 by Primary 1 Teacher

This will be the final week of Learning Block 2; Digging up the past. The children have labelled some of their dinosaur artifacts and these will go in the 'Museum of Dinosaur Wonders'. The fun fact file all about dinosaurs is helping the children with the idea of enquiry. This week the children will finish creating a Museum shop, kiosk and Cafe. 

Our Big Question this week will stay the same to help the children understand what a museum is; What might you see in a museum?  

Our Big Question this week is; What might you see in a museum? The learning activities planned are designed to help the children understand this questions and develop their knowledge as the Learning Block develops. This question is asked on a Monday and reflected upon all week. On a Friday I record what else the children know and throughout the week statements from the children are added to their own learning wall. 

The Literacy and Numeracy is all part of the IEYC but each week there are some stand alone learning activities to ensure full curriculum coverage. 

The children will be learning;
- what a Museum is
- roles within a museum - shop, kiosk, cafe
- how to present information to friends  
- about dinosaur treasure found in an authentic treasure box
- the correct way to digging up dinosaur bones
- what tools Archaeologists use on a dinosaur dig 
- how to make a dinosaur from a skeleton
- how to accurately weigh and measure (dinosaur bones) 
- to read and spell 'ure' words
- how to form 'ure' words correctly
- addition and subtraction 
- dinosaur counting poems 

The main learning strands this week will be;
Strand 1: Independence and Interdependence
1.8b demonstrating consideration in group situations
1.27b being a member of a team and learning with others  

Strand 2: Communicating
2.9b using language to discuss the past and present and to make predictions about the future events.
2.29b writing for a range of purposes and meaningful real-life and play contexts
2.58b collecting simple data and representing pictorially 

Strand 3: Enquiring 
3.1b using the senses to make discoveries
3.14b classifying living and non-living things
3.24b exploring evidence and artifacts that inform us about life long ago   

Strand 4: Healthy living and physical well-being 
4.13b body and shape awareness

The Personal Quality main focus will be Enquiry this week. In P1 Enquiry is; asking questions, finding out information and adding to it. 

Home Learning: 
Dinosaur Treasures. Please bring in your favourtie treasure from home and be ready to share some interesting facts about it. Only a few children did this and it is a good opportunity to practice public speaking as well as talking and listening.   

Important information:  
March 24th is the start of the Spring Holidays and school will be closed until April 10th.  

Swimming will start Monday April 10th. Each child will need; swimming costume, goggles, swimming cap, towel and a bag. Our time will be 1pm until 2pm every Monday please try to be here at 12:50 so no time is lost waiting on later arriving children. To save time it is always easier if the children come back after lunch wearing their swimming costumes. In the past I've helped the Olympia children get ready at the end of lunch.

Photos of our learning:
We received a letter from Dr. Rattlebones who thinks he has discovered baby dinosaur bones and needs our help to find out what dinosaur it is. 

We can dig for fossils 

We then learned how to make fossils 

Researching and using our Enquiry to find dinosaur fact for our fact file! 

Our dinosaurs models 

Our Dino cave!