week beginning June 26th

posted 26 Jun 2017, 15:05 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 26 Jun 2017, 18:45 ]
 The 4 learning blocks in our 'Brilliant Bug Ball' unit are;
Block 1 - looking after minibeasts (May 15th - May 24th)
Block 2 - patterns shape, colours and numbers (May 25th - June 2nd)
Block 3 - minibeasts on the move (June 5th - June 16th)
Block 4 - preparing for the ball (June 19th - June 28th)
Reflection Week - (June 29th - July 7th)
These time scales are only approximate and could change depending on the ideas from the children throughout each learning block. 

This week the children will start Learning Block 4; Activity 1 - Dancing to The Ugly Bug Ball', Activity 2 - Making Costumes, Activity 3 - Preparing the Party and Activity 5 - Creating Menus.  All of the literacy and Math is linked with our unit however, there are also some stand alone learning activities to ensure full P1 curriculum coverage that cannot be linked to minibeasts. 

There will be many Personal Qualities used this week in our learning activities. Cooperation and Morality. In P1 Morality means doing the right thing even if an adult is not watching you. Cooperation in P1 means working together and not leaving any friends out, listening to ideas and supporting friends to join in even if they are shy or nervous. 

Home Learning;
Practice your running, jumping, balancing and hopping in preparation for the Sport's Day. 

Important Dates:
June 26th - Happy Splash swim session 
June 28th - Zoo trip 

June 29th - P1 Sport's Day 08:30 - 09:45 

June 30th - Leaving Assembly for Kaya, Johanna and Mrs. Grayston 

July 5th - P1 Brilliant Bug Ball Party from 11am to 12pm - All parents are invited and a letter will be sent home. 

Photographs of our Learning: 

Happy Splash on Monday 

Brave Sliders!!! 



Fun floaters!!! 


Team Ant!! 
Building towers using cooperation like an ant colony!