week beginning June 12th

posted 8 Jun 2017, 22:35 by Primary 1 Teacher
The 4 learning blocks in our 'Brilliant Bug Ball' unit are;
Block 1 - looking after minibeasts (May 15th - May 24th)
Block 2 - patterns shape, colours and numbers (May 25th - June 2nd)
Block 3 - minibeasts on the move (June 5th - June 16th)
Block 4 - preparing for the ball (June 19th - June 28th)
Reflection Week - (June 29th - July 7th)
These time scales are only approximate and could change depending on the ideas from the children throughout each learning block. 

This week the children will continue with Learning Block 3; Activity 3 - Team Ant!  and Activity 4 - Pond life. All of the literacy and Math is linked with our unit however, there are also some stand alone learning activities to ensure full P1 curriculum coverage that cannot be linked to minibeasts. 

There will be many Personal Qualities used this week in our learning activities. Communication will be the focus. In P1 this means listening to others, trying to look at the person who is speaking or who you are speaking to and trying to make your voice slow and louder when speaking to an audience. 

Home Learning;
Practice, Practice, Practice and Practice again your lines for the Assembly!!!

Important Dates:
June 12th and 13th - School is closed

June 16th - P1 Class Assembly at 08:40 

June 20th - P1- P3 swimming gala 

June 29th - P1 Sport's Day 08:30 - 09:45 

Photos of our learning

Making chocolate spider webs, celery cream cheese butterflies and apple and raisin ladybirds!!