Week Beginning January 9th

posted 9 Jan 2017, 14:18 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 9 Jan 2017, 14:19 ]

Welcome Back Everyone and Happy New Year!

I am so happy to be back in Sakhalin with Richard, Mia and baby Millie. We have settled in and are enjoying seeing our friends and community members who we missed when in Scotland. Miss Katy has done a fantastic job delivering such quality and exciting learning during Term 1. I would to thank her very much for making it easier for me to be away knowing the children's education were in such capable hands. 

This coming week our learning will focus on the Big Question

What is Jack Frost's favourite season and why?

The children will continue to explore the winter season by exploring real snow, ice and icicles inside and outside of the classroom. The main learning activities will be;

- Making snow globes

- A salt and snow experiment

- Snow painting using glitter, flour and salt to compare what happens when items are added to the snow

- Snow exploration; digging, building, making prints

- An Icicle hunt 

- Pretending to be Jack Frost with magical powers to turn items into frost and ice using a Frosty Finger the children make in the classroom. 

Whole Class Story Book:

The book Here Comes Jack Frost will be the main whole class story and stimulus to capture the children's imagination and help them to inquire into snow and ice.  We will use a clip from 'The Rise of the Guardians' to 

I will link the winter theme into the numeracy and literacy learning. 

In numeracy the children will be ordering, sequencing and representing numbers to 20 using snow themed items.

2.36b Sequencing and ordering numbers

2.40b How numbers represent qualities and sets

In literacy we will be using our new phonics ai, ee and igh to help write describing words for Jack Frost and creating a mini Jack Frost book. The children will try out a story round to re-tell Jack Frost. Theses learning activities promote listening, cooperation skills and the Personal Quality Communication

2.7b using language to recall, retell and sequence events

2.32b Creating a sequenced account and reading it 

New in P1;

Guided Reading:

The children will start guided reading in small groups to help them understand and develop skills to allow them to read difficult text, promote individual reading whilst teachers/adults are still available to support and scaffold when needed and the children experience success in reading for meaning. 

P.E twice a week:

The children will not swim in Term 2 due to the weather conditions. Instead this is when P1 take part in 2 P.E sessions in the gym hall; Monday and Friday. Please ensure that your child has a complete change of clothes; trainers, shorts/loose trousers, t-shirt etc.