Week Beginning January 16th

posted 12 Jan 2017, 21:58 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 12 Jan 2017, 22:26 ]
Our IEYC unit 'Winter Wonders' continues with the last week of an ice and snow focus. The children will be learning about; Winter sports, Hibernation and The Arctic. This weeks Big Question is 'What is it like to live in The Arctic?' Capturing the curiosity of the children through asking a question that is open ended will help to spark other questions, guide new inquiries and lead learning in the direction the children want to take it allowing for a more enabling environment. The Literacy and Numeracy is all part of the IEYC but each week there are some stand alone learning activities to ensure full curriculum coverage.

The children will be learning;
- about winter sports by taking part in the Early Years Winter Olympics - sock skating, skiing slalom using cones and ice hockey using sticks and balls.
- how to make a mini ice rink with figures to use on it to demonstrate the winter sport of ice-skating.
how to make Bobsleighs and a course for racing them.
- research skills and how to take notes using a piece of text
role-play being hibernating animals
- hibernation rally read 
how to make food for hungry animals who have been hibernating and practicing skills of chopping, mixing, blending and grating
- sounds associated with Arctic
- mapping Arctic animals on globes and maps
- blubber experiment  
- the sounds 'oa' and 'oo' 
- the tricky words; no and go
- review of all letters and sounds learned
- how to write lists of phonetic words
- how to use tricky words in sentences
- guided reading in small groups answering comprehension questions 
- counting songs up to 100
- estimating items
- counting actions, items and sounds
- ordinal numbers 

The main learning strands this week will be;
Strand 1: Independence and Interdependence
1.14b developing a health mindset to competition 

Strand 2: Communicating
2.5b communicating through speaking and listening - using increasingly complex language to describe objects, people, places and events that are present and not present
2.25b communicating through reading -  hearing and identifying sounds in words
2.33b communicating through writing - using phonic awareness to write words
2.48b communicating through number - comparing groups and objects

Strand 3: Enquiring 
3.8b selecting materials to carry out simple investigations

Strand 4: Healthy living and physical well-being 
4.10b taking part in games and activities involving equipment 

The Personal Quality main focus will be Adaptability this week. In P1 Adaptability is; trying new things with the help of a teacher, beginning to try something new and cope with small changes and being able to happily try something new and cope with the changes.

Cooperative Learning Structures (CLS) and Visible Thinking Tools (VTT) in P1
Everyday the children will use CLS in P1 with a partner or in a group. The CLS's that the children use most often are; Quiz Quiz Trade, Rally Robin, Rally Interview, Rally Draw, Rally Read
This term the children will learn some visible thinking tools and each week they will practice using them to help talk about their ideas and extend their learning. The VTT's that will be used this term are; 'Step inside', 'I used to think..., now I know' and 'the explanation game'.

Important information: 
Tuesday 17th - Bring your Pyjamas and any special sleeping teddy/blanket to school to help learn about hibernation.
P.E is on Mondays and Fridays.