Week beginning February 29th

posted 28 Feb 2016, 22:21 by Primary 1 Teacher

This week the children have a new role-play area called 'Pattern Paradise'. There was much excitement as everyone got to try it out and design some patterns to show their new knowledge. This will develop throughout the unit as the children's understanding develops. 

The Knowledge Harvest will continue this week to allow the children the share different knowledge and understanding they have about patterns. This week they will be asked; 'what animal patterns do you know?' 

As last week was only a 2 day week the strands and learning focus (animal patterns) will stay the same;

Independence and Interdependence
1.18 taking responsibility for their own actions

2.21 being creative and expressive through a variety of activities

3.11 looking for patterns, classifying things for a purpose, guessing, using trial and error

Healthy living
4.5 concentrating

The children will be learning about;
 - spotty animal patterns; Dalmatians, Cheetahs and Ladybirds 
 - feathered, animal patterns; Parrots, Peacocks and Owls.  
 - wrinkly animal patterns; elephant, Pug Dogs and Rhinos.
 - camouflage animal patterns; Chameleon, Fish and Snakes. 
 - stripy animal patterns; Zebra, Tiger and Cats.
 - Patterns found in books focusing on High Frequency Words
 - 'The lion sleeps tonight' dance for the school show on March 24th.  
 - O'clock times
 - Adding 2 numbers within 10
 - Data handling using a bar graph and zoo animals 

The book that will help the children's learning this week are;
 - Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell 
 - A selection of animal books; fiction and non-fiction 
 - A selection of Elmer books by David McKee 

Home learning links;
 - design an animal mask to show your favourite animal pattern 
 - try out some body patterns on your family in the morning to help everyone feel ready for the day e.g. twirl, jump, nod, twirl, jump, nod etc

Important dates:
* Math Open Morning in P1 from 08:30 - 10:00 Thursday March 3rd. This is a great opportunity for all parents to see great math learning * 
* School holiday for Women's Day March 7th and 8th *