Week beginning February 22nd

posted 24 Feb 2016, 13:58 by Primary 1 Teacher

Can I start this week by saying a HUGE well done to all the P1 for such a learning focused, engaging and fun assembly on Friday. This was a very proud moment seeing the children shine whilst sharing all of their Changes learning with everyone. Well done again P1!!! 

The P1 are starting a new IPC Unit called Patterns. This unit will last 5 and a half weeks and will be split into 4 main areas of learning for the children; 

Animal Patterns

Numbers Patterns

Poetry Patterns  

Musical / Body Patterns

As always the Children will take part in an Entry Point to excite them about Patterns and get them thinking more about this concept. This will take place on Monday in the playground where the children will become Pattern Explorers in teams. Each team will have 10 different patterns to find. The children will use this new knowledge to create patterns in the new role-play area which will be called 'Pattern Paradise'. The role-play area will be transformed into a blank canvas for the children to decorate with the new patterns they learn about. The Knowledge Harvest will be divided into 3 to allow the children the share different knowledge and understanding they have about patterns. This week they will be asked; 'Can you describe what a pattern is a give some examples?' 

The four learning strands this week are;

Independence and Interdependence
1.18 taking responsibility for their own actions

2.21 being creative and expressive through a variety of activities

 3.11 looking for patterns, classifying things for a purpose, guessing, using trial and error

Healthy living
4.5 concentrating

The children will be learning about;
 - an introduction into some animal patterns using the book 'Dear Zoo' 
 - continuing colour patterns using paper and peg boards
 - making CVC word patterns e.g. middle a words and middle e words. 

The book that will help the children's learning this week are;
 - Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell 

Home learning links;
Pattern hunts - why not try a pattern hunt around your house. What are the main patterns you find? Are there any unusual patterns that you could share with your P1 friends? Do you have a favourite pattern and why? 

Important dates:
* Math Open Morning in P1 from 08:30 - 10:00 Thursday March 3rd. This is a great opportunity for all parents to see great math learning * 
* School holiday for Women's Day March 7th and 8th *