Week beginning February 1st

posted 28 Jan 2016, 18:54 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 28 Jan 2016, 18:55 ]
This week the children will be learning about changing states (solid and liquid using chocolate and eggs. Melting/freezing/steam using chocolate and water. Metal (iron) and non-metal items to investigate magnetic changes. Changes in weight to classify objects that float or sink.) 

The Personal Quality focus this week is Cooperation. In P1 Cooperation means; I can work by myself on a task I have chosen, I can sometimes work in a small group with my teacher's help and I can work well in a group without help. 

The four learning strands this week are;

Independence and Interdependence

1.23 caring for their immediate environment 


3.1making decisions, choosing their own materials and setting their own problems

3.13 explaining, listening to others, taking part in reflective discussions, planning and observing

Healthy Living

4.5 concentrating 

The children are learning;

 - objects that will float and sink and why
 - what is the water cycle and how does it work 
 - water cycle craft plate
 - colour experiments to make unusual colours - navy blue, muddy green, turquoise, bright pink etc  
 - exploring changes in states - liquid/solid/powder 
 - changing states - melting / freezing - using ice cubes experiences
 - changing states - steam. How is steam formed? The children will write secret steam messages using hot air from their mouths on mirrors
 - changing states - forms of eggs; raw, boiled, scrambled, fried in a cake
 - changing states - liquid to solid - The children will link the forms on eggs to make cupcakes. They will use icing sugar to decorate
 - changing states - dry to solid. The children will create a part of the water cycle using air dry clay to observe more changes of states 
 - changing numbers by adding and subtracting
 - changing CVC words by changing the middle vowel, beginning or ending letter

The books that will help the children's learning this week are;
 - collections of our non-fiction colour range by Vic Parker 
 - Water cycle by Monica Hughes
 - The drop goes plop by Sam Godwin
 - Down comes the rain by Franklyn M Branley 
 - collections of books of changing states by Inez Snyder 

Home learning links;
 - try to make some secret steam messages on a window in your house - check with mum and dad first and see if they can ready your message and maybe send you one back
 - watch this video clip about the water cycle to help your child understand this complex concept  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncORPosDrjI
 - when in the bath experiment with items that float or sink. Try to use items from around your house that are safe to use (cutlery, pencils, lego, bath toys, a flip flop etc) Draw a picture of the items that float and those those which sink. 

Important Dates:

* P1 class Assembly February 19th at 08:40 *