week beginning April 17th

posted 16 Apr 2017, 19:38 by Primary 1 Teacher
It is our last week of Learning Block 3; Dinosaur Dilemmas. This Learning Block has many many themes including; friendship, dealing with conflict, coping with change and healthy eating. Adaptability, Reflection, Communication, Cooperation and Respect will the Personal Quality focus on this Block. Whenever situations happens naturally and there is an opportunity to talk about other Personal Qualities this is also explored and discussed to help deepen the children's understanding. 

Respect will be our Personal Quality focus this. Reading the storybook 'The dinosaur who lost his roar' will help reinforce Respect and act as a great discussion basis. Respect in P1 is caring for your own things, tidying up after yourself and being kind to others.   

This week the main learning will be;
- Read, predict and answer questions on 'The dinosaur who lost his roar' (Respect)
- Rally Read to recap on the story
- Which dinosaurs were meat eaters and plant eaters
- Why dinosaurs who ate meat or plants needed different shaped teeth, usually walked differently etc
- How to make a volcano erupt using food items
- Painting a volcano to create effects of eruption
- Measuring using non-standard units 
- Problem solving skills to help make a Pterodactyl fly and a Brontosaurus reach juicy leafs 
- Dinosaurs hygiene habits and how they brushed their teeth and coped with tooth ache!
- What is a maze and how to direct a friend around one in P.E
- Adding scales to the our 3D model dinosaur  

The new sound 'ure
' will be taught, practiced and applied to lots of learning activities. All of the other digraphs and alphabet sounds will be reinforced. 

Learning how to use money will continue this week. The children will use coins to help them buy and sell in the classroom Museum Shop and juice station at the water area. All different coins will be used to help the children understand money has a value and can be used / exchanged for items. 
Time will be a focus within Maths this week and the children will practice using o'clock times and using language; big hand, little hand, hour hand, minute hand, o'clock.  

Many literacy and Maths learning will be incorporated into the Dinosaur Dilemmas this week; sorting, ordering, sequencing events, re-telling stories, map skills and positional language.

Learning Strands:
1. Independence and Interdependence 
1.23b demonstrating independence and increasing confidence in new situations 

2. Communicating 
2.4b Asking increasingly complex questions, providing answers and explaining reasons
2.23b choosing and using books for a purpose
2.35b identifying common properties in and between groups of objects
2.57b using positional language

3. Enquiring
3.1b using the senses to make discoveries
3.8b selection materials to carry out simple investigations 

4. Healthy Living and Physical Well-Being 
4.2b the effects of neglect on our body and teeth 

Home learning;
Try to keep a mini diary all related to time. Draw a picture of what time you do the following things;
- wake up / eat breakfast
- leave for school
- have lunch / dinner
- play
- have a bath / shower
- brush your teeth
- go to bed 

Important Dates; 
School will be closed Tuesday April 25th for staff training
May holidays are; Monday May 1st and Monday and Tuesday May 8th and 9th.

Swimming on Monday's 13:00 to 14:00. Please have all Zima children arrive at school no later than 12:55 with their swimming costumes on. Miss Lana and I will help the Olympia children change into their swimming costumes at lunch time. 
All children need; swimming cap, swimming goggles, towel, swimming bag, swimming suit. I will lead a group of swimmers along with Ms Katy and the Oasis life guards and we will have 2 mums helping in the water.  

Photos of learning from last week;

First week of swimming;

2D shape dinosaurs;

Personal Qualities in Action;

Dinosaur Dilemma's;