Week Beginning April 16th 2018

posted 14 Apr 2018, 04:09 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 14 Apr 2018, 04:09 ]
We are off to Space Camp! Get your bodies and brains ready for a week of intense training and learning as we learn to become Astronauts!

In our learning this week, we will:

- build astronaut suits
- create the inside of a space shuttle in the role play area
- learn about the parts of a space shuttle
- make a video about the launch sequence of a space shuttle
- explore healthy foods and exercise as we train as astronauts
- make space food
- make Subtraction and Addition Rockets
- send a message from space
- move and complete challenges like astronauts

You can share learning with your child by watching and discussing the launch of a Space Shuttle. Perhaps you could also find out about any Astronauts that have come from your home or host countries. Don't forget to also check Seesaw for learning updates through the week

YouTube Video

Literacy Learning this week:

Reflect and Revise all sounds and tricky words learned so far
Read and write words, phrases and sentences using this sounds and words

Observations of Learning:

LO15: recall and retell a sequence of events

LO30: add two single digit numbers together using practical materials

LO31: subtract two single digit numbers using practical materials

LO49: know the importance of healthy eating and Physical activity

IMPORTANT: Swimming recommences on Monday 16th April. Please ensure your child has his/her swimming clothes.