Week Beginning 9th October 2017

posted 5 Oct 2017, 22:43 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 5 Oct 2017, 22:45 ]
Before launching into the learning that will happen next week, let's first reflect on all the learning that the children experienced this week!

We went on a nature walk observing our different plants grow, we used great cooperation in PE to learn to play a new game called tug-of-war, we learned a new cooperative learning structure called Fan and Pick, we made our own maths games to help recognise and order numbers to 20, we went to the theatre and saw an amazing puppet show of the Russian fairy tale, The Swan-Geese and we even managed to squeeze in making soup!

These learning experiences helped the children to express their own views and opinions as well as listening to the views and opinions of others,explore food and drink, textures and tastes. We also had a big focus on COOPERATION this week we we demonstrated listening skills, taking turns and joining in activities. 

Here are some pictures of all these experiences! What a busy and exciting week!


Next Week's Learning:

Our IEYC unit moves away from "The Enormous Turnip" and we continue our Once Upon a TIme  adventure and step into the land of Billy Goats and Trolls! We will explore the story "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" and ask the question of morality - Were the Billy Goats Nice? 
We will explore the story and asking questions about the characters. We will explore size and ordering as well as discuss why the Billy Goats needed to leave the side of the mountain that they were on. We will retell the story using puppets, small world characters and even role play the story ourselves!

Image result for the three billy goats gruff  

Literacy Learning:

This week our learning starts to focus more on segmenting and hearing sounds in words. This will challenge the children to recognise the sounds in words as separate and individual sounds which will help when reading and writing later. The children will have to use their resilience in our learning experiences!
We will also continue our focus of expressing our own views and ideas, and valuing those of others.
We will also begin our handwriting formally, learning shapes that make up the letters we write. Based on a story called "Casey caterpillar" it's a fun and exciting way to learn letter formation.

Maths Learning:

This week we will continue with learning numbers to 20, practicing correct number formation, ordering numbers and learning to identify what comes next and what come before. We will match amounts to twenty to the numerals and practice number recognition.
We will also link learning from IEYC with ordering and comparing size.

Have a great weekend!