Week beginning 7th November

posted 7 Nov 2016, 01:33 by Primary 1 Teacher

This week in P1 we will begin our new IEYC Unit called Weather Wonders
The Unit is split into 4 Learning Blocks; 

How’s the Weather?
Fun in Sun!, 
Stormy Days
                          Snow and Ice.

The Learning Letter for this unit can be found on the previous P1 page. 
Before we begin the Learning Blocks we will have our Entry point which is the official launch of the new unit. 
The children will discover a box in their classroom left by Mr Cloud. Mr Cloud will have left them a special note explaining that he is lending them his Weather Waver (magic rain stick). The Weather Waver makes the classroom experience different weather types. The children will help make different weather in a variety of crafts, these can be added to our role-play Weather Station.  

The next initial stage of the new unit is called Capturing Curiosity (previously The Knowledge Harvest). We will ask the children big questions and the children will practice their communication skills by expressing their thoughts and ideas while understanding the big picture. They will also have the opportunity to express what their interests are and what they would like to learn most in this unit. 

In literacy we are beginning phase 3 of the Letters and sounds programme. 
We are focusing on the initial sounds of;  j, v, w, x 
and tricky words; to, the, go, into, I, no

2.25b Hearing and identifying sounds in words
2.26b Identifying and blending sounds in simple words
2.27b Recognising and reading common words and familiar sentences

In maths we will be learning about measure using vocabulary; bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, large, medium, small

2.61b Comparing and ordering length and height
2.62b Exploring how to measure length and height in practical contexts.