week beginning 6th February

posted 5 Feb 2017, 17:53 by Primary 1 Teacher

We have now come to the end of our Weather Wonders Unit and this coming week we have our Reflection Week. The children will have the opportunity to reflect on all their new skills and knowledge that they have learned across their Weather Unit. We have selected a different theme of Unit focused learning each day. The children will have opportunities to choose their favourite learning activities from the unit and show and discuss their new learning with the other children and teachers.

Our Exit Point is on Friday for the afternoon called Snow and Ice Exploration. The children will have to opportunity to reflect on new discoveries they made through experiments and exploration. Throughout the week the children will have the opportunity to look through their learning journey book to help them talk about reflect on learning from 'weather wonders'. 

The children will be learning;
- waterproof materials for rainy weather
- shadow making using torches
- making movements to represent weather types
- in groups making music to represent weather types
- how emotions can be connected to the weather
- how to find find food after hibernation 
- the sound 'ur' 
- the tricky word; you, was, go
- review of all letters and sounds learned
- how to write lists of phonetic words
- how to use tricky words in sentences
- guided reading in small groups answering comprehension questions 
- patterns;
making patterns using colours, shapes, body parts, musical instruments etc
- what is symmetry
- how to make symmetrical patterns and talk about them
- mental maths problems within 5

The main learning strands this week will be;
Strand 1: Independence and Interdependence
1.6b - expressing own views and ideas 

Strand 2: Communicating
2.85b communicating through the expressive arts and creativity - responding to rhythm and beat in creative ways including linking music to art, dance and movement 

Strand 3: Enquiring 
3.13b - equiring about the world - exploring the effects of weather and seasons

Strand 4: Healthy living and physical well-being 
4.9b physical health and well-being - exploring direction and movement in games and physical movements 

The Personal Quality main focus will be Reflection  this week. In P1 Reflection is trying to talk about your learning independently and trying to link it to previous learning.  

Home Learning: 
Talk to your family about your favourtie learning from 'Weather Wonders'.

Try to show your family why animals in the arctic need extra layers of fat (blubber) to help them swim in the icy water. You will need 2 zip lock bags; one with butter and one that is empty, a tray or bowl of snow mixed with water. Using both hand put one in each bag and place them into the icy water. Talk about how each hand feels and try to compare them.  

Important information:  
Our new Learning Assistant will start on Monday 13th. 

If you have any dinosaur related toys, puzzles or books that you would allow P1 to use please send them in on Monday February 13th. 

Some photos from last weeks learning:

Making our night and day pin wheels

Craft moons using flour, paint and pillow stuffing! 

Our house to show how rooms are used at night and during the day.