Week Beginning 4th September

posted 3 Sep 2017, 23:00 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 3 Sep 2017, 23:01 ]
This week in P1 we will continue getting to know each other and ourselves through lots of play and discussions. We will practice writing our names, finding numbers that are significant to us, discussing what we want to be when we grown up and painting portraits of ourselves. We will participate in some team building and partner games to help us learn about each other and our friends.

Our Literacy Goals for this week are:

- to be able to write my name using a model
- to be able to create my name using a range of materials
- to be able to listen to stories attentively
- to be able to make connections to stories
- to be able to ask and answer questions about events in stories

Our Phonics Goals for this week are:

- identify different sounds
- describing sounds using the words, soft/loud, high/low, long/short

Our Maths Goals for this week are:

- to be able to count up to 10 objects in an irregular arrangement
- to be able to recognise numerals 1-10
- to be able to talk about numbers of personal significance (age, people in family)
- to be able to select the correct numeral to represent objects up to 10
- to be able to count out a set of up to 6 objects from a larger group

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 How you can help at home...

This week we will share the story Bear and Chook: When I'm a Big Bear, by Lisa Shanahan and Emma Quay.

This book is all about what Bear want to be when he grows up, and the story follows his trials and tribulations as he explores every possibility.

Discuss what your child would like to be when he/she grows up?
    Encourage your child to draw and write and act out their ideas.

Count how many things bear wanted to be.
    Can you think of any more things Bear could be?
    How many ideas do you have now?

Retell the story together.