Week beginning 3rd October

posted 2 Oct 2016, 21:44 by Primary 1 Teacher

This week in P1 our Big Question is;

Can you describe your favourite toy?

This week we are starting the next block of learning called 'My Family and Me'  The children will need to bring in their favourite toy on Tuesday where the children will share, discuss and ask questions as to why it is their favourite and what games they like. On Thursday we are going to invite some Grandparents to school. We are lucky enough to have some Granparents of the children in class who happen to be visiting Sakhalin which is perfect timing for our learning this week. The children will be able to ask them questions about their toys when they grew up.

In phonics we will be concentrating on

o c k  and learning to read words with the sounds that we already know eg;

pip, pin, sad, man, pan, tin, mat, 

In Literacy we are looking at the story of Dogger written by Shirley Hughes which is about a boy who looses his favourite toy. We will be sequencing the story, writing and talking about our thoughts and curiosities linked to the story. As well as learning to write our names and practice forming our letters.

L 6. Listen to stories, accurately anticipating key events and respond to what they hear with relevant comments, questions or actions.

R2. Hear and say the initial sounds in words.

W2. Write own name and other things such as labels and captions.

In Maths we will be 

N7 Say the number after a given number up to 20.

IEYC 2.49 Exploring ‘one more’ and ‘one less’


1.6b Expressing own views and ideas

1.11b Being respectful towards others

2.13b Concentrating on what others are saying and responding at the appropriate time

3.3b Exploring changes in people at different ages

Pictures from last weeks learning adventures