week beginning 30th January

posted 26 Jan 2017, 17:52 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 26 Jan 2017, 20:45 ]
Our IEYC unit 'Winter Wonders' continues with the final week of 'Fun in the sun'. The children will be learning about; day and night, emotions connected to the weather and the moon? This weeks Big Question is 'What is the moon?' The Literacy and Numeracy is all part of the IEYC but each week there are some stand alone learning activities to ensure full curriculum coverage.

The children will be learning;
- what the moon is
- how emotions can be connected to the weather
- how to create a day and night pin wheel
- measuring using non-standard units and happy sunflowers
- how to design a house of two parts to show day and night activities 
- sorting day and night pictures
- the sounds 'or' and 'ur' 
- the tricky word; you
- review of all letters and sounds learned
- how to write lists of phonetic words
- how to use tricky words in sentences
- guided reading in small groups answering comprehension questions 
- counting songs up to 100
- addition within 5 and 10 
- how to organise and record addition problems
- mental maths problems within 5

The main learning strands this week will be;
Strand 1: Independence and Interdependence
1.23b Demonstrating independence and increasing confidence in new situations 

Strand 2: Communicating
2.4b communicating through speaking and listening - asking increasingly complex questions, providing answers and explaining reasons. 
2.27b communicating through reading - recognising and reading common words and familar sentences 
2.31b communicating through writing - copying and experimenting with letter formation
2.50b communicating through number - exploring early addition and subtraction through practical contexts
2.73b communicating through ICT and Computing - Presenting ideas and information using technology 

Strand 3: Enquiring 
3.10b enquiring about the world - exploring energy sources, light , sound, forces and motion. 

Strand 4: Healthy living and physical well-being 
4.9b physical health and well-being - exploring direction and movement in games and physical movements 

The Personal Quality main focus will be Respect  this week. In P1 Respect is; 
Beginning - I am learning to show respect and look after things and people around me with my teacher's help.
Developing - I can sometimes show respect and look after things and people around me by myself.
Mastering - I can show respect and look after  

Home Learning: 
Take photos of the things you like to do during the day and at night. Practice talking about each picture/activity and share this in P1 when you feel ready throughout the week. 

Practice the vowel digraphs your child has learned since the beginning of Term 2; 'oa', 'ee', 'igh', 'ai, 'ar', 'or' and 'ur'. Can your child say a work using the sound? Can they write the sound? Can they identify the sound if its written somewhere?

Go on a shapes hunt around your house and try to find 5 2D shapes that you know and 3 3D shapes that you know. Be ready to tell Mrs. Grayston about your hunt.    

Important information:  
Miss Ira is leaving on Tuesday the 31st to complete a Japanese language course in Tokyo for 6 weeks. At the moment she is unsure of what her plans will be after this. The children and I will present her with a special book on Tuesday at 08:30 if you would like to come and say goodbye. 

P.E is on Mondays and Fridays.

Look at our photos from this week: