Week Beginning 2nd October 2017

posted 28 Sep 2017, 23:19 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 28 Sep 2017, 23:22 ]

Co-operation was our Personal Quality Focus this week and boy did we see and share in some great co-operative learning!

We used Rally Robin to share ideas about what Enormous Vegetables or Fruits we could pull out of the ground!

We cooperated to make silly soups and took turns to listen and respond to questions about the soups we made.

We loved finishing puzzles together, helping each other find the pieces that we needed.

And of course we absolutely LOVED cooperating to role play "The Enormous Turnip!"

Next week we are sticking with the focus of cooperation as we delve further into the world of fruit and vegetables. 

Our IEYC learning will be - "How do Vegetables grow?"

Our Learning Foci and Observation Foci this week are:

  • ordering and counting numbers to 20
  • identifying the number that come after any number to 20
  • correct number formation
Literacy and Phonics:
  • blending words together
  • counting the number of sounds is words
  • recognising a letter, word and sentence
  • Independence and Interdependence: expressing own views and ideas
  • demonstrating listening skill, taking turns in conversations and joining in language activities
  • classifying and comparing objects in the natural world
  • exploring food and drink, textures and tastes
Below are some pictures of shared learning with Nursery this week. Be sure to check out Seesaw for more learning!

With Nursery role-played the original version of the story, before making up our own versions: The Enormous Watermelon and The Enormous Potato! The children picked their characters - everything from cows to cats, to hot-dogs and cupcakes! We also investigated the shapes that different fruits and vegetables made when using them as stamps.