Week Beginning 29th January 2018

posted 28 Jan 2018, 20:58 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 28 Jan 2018, 21:00 ]

Toys and games that spin, bounce, jump and twist are the focus this week and we have lots of exciting learning planned for the children to experience. We will twist and spin in PE, make Jack-in-the-boxes, use spinners to help solve addition and subtraction problems and explore wheels and reels and rods.
We are still using our ENQUIRY to find out about the Big Provocation that all toys and games involve a push or a pull.

Learning Foci:

Learning Block 3: On the Move

BIG provocation: All toys and games involve a Push or a Pull

The children will further explore this through jumping and spinning toys and games.
They will:
  • play twister in PE, using spinners to instruct where to move their hands and feet (and spinning themselves into a knot!)
  • play games with the parachute - spinning and turning in round and round
  • construct objects that can spin and and roll using wheels and reels and rods
  • explore how the sand makes the wheels move
  • make penny spinners
Learning strands for Observation:
2.2b Using the language of instruction
3.10b Exploring forces and motion
4.9b Exploring direction and movement in games and physical activities


The children will further explore number concepts this week focusing on Addition and Subtraction
They will:
  • Solve puzzles
  • Write addition and subtraction number sentences
  • Use spinners to take a small number from 1o
Learning Strand for Observation
2.50b Exploring addition and subtraction


New sounds: y, z, zz, qu
New tricky words: me, was

Shared Stories:
Corduroy by Don Freeman
Old Bear by Jane Hissey
Galimoto by Karen Lynn Williams

Shared and indpendent writing:
I can make...

Learning Strand for Observation:
2.18b Use illustrations to make predictions (when sharing stories)