Week beginning 28th March

posted 24 Mar 2016, 23:17 by Primary 1 Teacher
I would like to start this weeks blog by saying a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the P1 jungle animals. There were such a joy to watch on Thursday evening at the school show. I was so proud of how in time they dance, how they smiled and how confident they were. Well done boys and girls :-) 

We are now at the end of our Patterns Unit and the children will take part in a Reflection Week. The is the week when the children have the opportunity to look back over their learning and feel so proud of all the new knowledge, skills and understanding they have acquired. To help with this the children will be partnering up with P6 children to share some of their knowledge, skills and understanding on Patterns. The P1's will also be able to learn about the IPC Unit the P6 were learning about. This is a great way to help the P1 reflect.  
This week the Exit Point for the P1 will be a trip to the Sakhalin Zoo with the Nursery children on Thursday March 31st. All of the learning throughout the Patterns Unit will support the children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need for this Exit Point. 

We will also send home a Summary Reflection Report of your child's learning over the course of their changes unit. The report will be sent out at the end of our reflection week on April 1st. 

In addition, the children will reflect on all the Personal Qualities they have investigated so far and read the Personal Quality books they have been exploring during each weeks focus. 

The four learning strands this week are;
Independence and Interdependence
1.9 their ability to acquire new interests and skills 

2.8 listening attentively and responding appropriately to others

3.10 setting and solving problems

Healthy living
4.5 concentrating

The children will be reflecting on;
 - animal patterns; stripy, spotty, camouflage, wrinkly and feathered
 - literacy patterns; stories with patterns, rhymes, 
 - math patterns; threading, weaving, numbers, shapes, skip counting, number songs
 - music patterns; fast, slow, loud and soft using the instruments to make patterns
 - emotional patterns; happy, excited, grumpy, sad, frightened, silly 
 - cultural patterns 

The books that will help the children's learning this week are;
 - All of the Personal Quality focus books
 - Collections of non-fiction and fiction book that the children read throughout this unit. 

Home learning links;
Please ask your child to talk about their favourtie parts of the Patterns Unit (animal, literacy, mathematical, emotional, cultural or musical) and why this was their favourtie. Was there any patterns they wanted to learn more about? Can they talk about or show an example of each pattern they learned? 

Important Dates:

* Exit Point trip to Sakhlain Zoo - Thursday 31st March at 1pm until 3pm * If you can join us please let me know I need 4 more parents. 

* Holidays from Saturday April 2nd until Sunday April 17th *