Week beginning 21st November

posted 21 Nov 2016, 12:52 by Primary 1 Teacher
This week in P1 our big question is;  What can you see in the sky today?

In IEYC we are thinking about the wind, clouds and the differences between hot weather and cold weather.
We are going to be making a wind anemometer and playing games using our breath to make the wind. We will be looking at the shapes of different clouds, drawing what we think clouds look like and then going outside to cloud gaze and discussing what we really see.

In phonics we are learning the sounds  sh and ch and learning to read trick words; he she we me be

In Literacy we will be reading the story of the 3 Little pigs and link it our learning about the winds in IEYC

In Maths we will be learning about 3D shapes; cone, cube, cuboid, pyramid and sphere

The Learning strands we are focusing on this week are;
1.16b Co-operating, taking turns and following the rules of groups activities
1.26b The joy and satisfaction of experiencing and learning something new
2.4b Asking increasingly complex questions, providing answers and explaining reasons
2.31b Copying and experimenting with letter formation
2.55b The names of given 2D and 3D shapes
2.80b Freely experimenting with art and design and presenting ideas through artwork
3.13b Exploring the effects of weather and seasons

Thank you to all the parents who came to the open learning session last week. 
The children always enjoy sharing their learning. 

Sharing the their learning journey book
Quiz Quiz Trade

Exploring the Weather Station and cloud making