Week beginning 21st March

posted 20 Mar 2016, 23:44 by Primary 1 Teacher

This week we are learning to use our bodies to make a pattern. We will practice working together in larger groups to make a class pattern. Using our face we will make emotion patterns with each child’s facial expression. We will make an arm pattern moving our body in different positions. Sing instruments, our hands to clap and our legs to slap we will create rhythm patterns as well as practice copying one that has been set for us.  

We are going to spend a week exploring the Personal Quality Cooperation. We will need to use our cooperation skills a lot this week when working in a group. We will practice considering others and helping each other.


These are four main learning strands that we are focusing on this week;

Independence and Interdependence

1.16 taking part in group activities 


2.17 creating stories and symbols


3.5 playing with ideas and materials as an enjoyable, creative and valid approach to learning

Healthy Living

4.8 expressing emotions and emotional needs

The children will be learning about;
 - Emotional Patterns 
 - Body patterns - clapping, facial expressions, snapping, clicking, voice repetitions, stamping etc
 - Patterns in poetry 
 - Patterns around school on everyday items that the children use
 - Pattern son natural objects including shells, twigs, barks, stones etc
 - Fabric patterns
 - Creating a patch work quilt of patterns
 - Rubbings to show hidden patterns
 - A Collaborative P1 Pattern Book

The book that will help the children's learning this week are;
 - No, No, Bird - Poem 
 - Goldilocks and the three bears - Traditional Tale 
 - 80 days around the world - Linked to school show

Home learning links;
Why not try to take pictures of make drawings of 10 different patterns you have on your clothes.
Go on a pattern hunt around your garden and try to find natural patterns (Natural means anything that isn't made by some one else e.g a tree, sand, shells, leaves, mud) 

School Show March 24th 
The school show starts at 7pm in the Gym Hall. The P1 will stay in the classroom during the show watching the DVD 'Up' or 'Finding Nemo'. I will provide popcorn for the children. When the P1's preform they will dance on the stage and then return to the P1 classroom. The P1's return again for the finale song. When you would like to take your child home please make sure you have spoken to me so I can account for the children at all times. 

Important dates:
* Dress Rehearsal of School Show Tuesday March 22nd at 9am in the Gym Hall * 
* School Show March 24th at 19:00 - Children in P1 class at 18:50 Please do not bring the children any earlier * 
* Exit Point trip to Sakhalin Zoo Thursday afternoon March 31st - any parents who are available and want to join please let me know *