Week Beginning 19th March, 2018

posted 19 Mar 2018, 22:49 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 19 Mar 2018, 22:49 ]
This week we continue to delve into the world of space with a focus on PLANETS!

We will lead our learning with the question: WHAT IS THE SOLAR SYSTEM?

In IEYC we will be:

- learning about the Solar System
- learning about the planets
- making our own textured planet
- making our own digital planet (on the computer using the "Paint" program)
- exploring the different planets by listening and moving to "The Planet Suite" by Holst
- writing a description of our planet

Literacy Learning:

tricky word: all
New sounds: ear, air (things are 3 letter, 1 sound as in fear and chair)

Maths Learning:

2D and 3D shapes
Number recognition to 20

Learning Observations:

LO5: Convey Ideas: I can talk about the planets, the solar system and what I know about space
LO33: Know the names of a range of shapes and measures: I can talk about the differences in the 2D and 3D shapes and can name most of them correctly
LO44: Present ideas through music and movement, dance, role-play and drama: I can listen to the music and move and dance in response