Week beginning 18th of January

posted 18 Jan 2016, 15:02 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 18 Jan 2016, 15:04 ]
This week the children will be learning about Seasonal Changes and Changes in colours at these time. 

The Personal Quality focus this week will be Resilience.  In P1 Resilience is; being able to stay on a task for a short time with teacher support, being able to sometimes stay on a task without teacher support and being able to stay on tasks and try again if needed. 
The four learning strands this week are;

Independence and Interdependence 
1.9 their ability to acquire new skills 

2.18 materials and technology used in creative and expressive arts

3.15 choosing and experimenting with materials, playing with ideas, and exploring actively with all senses

Healthy Living
4.4 paying attention

The children are learning;
 - how to talk about Spring using a picture collage
 - make a tissue paper and matchstick Cherry Blossom Tree
 - learn a Daffodil counting poem 
 - the correct order of the days of the week and months of the year
 - make a mosaic Autumn tree 
 - about the animals of Spring and Autumn 
 - Spring and Autumn songs
 - an action song about the months of the year
 - how to make Cherry Blossom play dough

The books that will help the children's learning this week are;
 There was an old lady who swallowed a fly by Child's Play
 Seasons Non Fiction books
 Where do flowers grow by Pam Adams 

Home learning links;
 - sing the days of the week and months of the year song
 - start a family calendar to help understand the days of the week and months of the year
 - draw some Spring and Autumn animals 
 - using some old clothes dress your mum or dad up in a Spring or Autumn outfit 
 - show someone how to mix two colours together to make a new Spring or Autumn colour 

Please send in  / email any photos of your child sharing this learning and i'll display it in the classroom.