Week Beginning 17th October

posted 16 Oct 2016, 22:22 by Primary 1 Teacher
This week we are starting our learning block 'Looking after myself and others'
Our Big Question for the week is 'How can we keep our bodies healthy?'

We will be learning how to brush our teeth and wash our hands properly. We will be discussing when and why we need to wash our hands, what germs are and how we can stop them spreading.

We will also be thinking about other ways to keep healthy such as eating healthy foods, being active like walking to school and playing outside. 

4.1b Hygienic habits
4.3b Becoming independent in dressing/undressing, eating, drinking and personal hygiene.

In literacy we are learning sounds; b, f, ff, h, and using our phonics to make and read words.
We will be sequencing events and giving instructions of how to wash hands/brush teeth

2.2b Using the language of instruction and/or other languages
2.26b Identifying and blending sounds in simple words.

In numeracy we will be counting beyond and 10 and back from 10 and looking at how numbers represent quantities and sets.

2.40b How numbers represent quantities and sets
2.42b Using numbers in everyday routines

Learning experiences from last week;

Thank you to everyone for the family scrap books. The children were all very proud of their books and were able to share lots of relevant information about their families and and reflect on their experiences of their travels around the world. We will be using them to refer to over the next couple of weeks.