Week beginning 14th November

posted 12 Nov 2016, 18:09 by Primary 1 Teacher
This week in P1 our big question is;  'Where does the rain come from?' 

We are starting our first learning block 'How's the weather?' and we will be spending the week exploring rain. We will be making a rain gauge, looking at rain clouds, making rain poems in literacy and measuring rain in numeracy.

You are invited to come to school Tuesday morning from 8.30 until 10.15 to share some IEYC learning with your child. You will get an opportunity to play in our Weather Station, make a rain gauge, take part in an experiment to see how rain clouds work and share your child's Learning journey book with them.

We are also focusing on the phonic sound 'th' and continuing with our tricky words; the, go, no, to and I

Last week we had a surprise delivery for our Entry point from  'Mrs Weather' who left a very special weather box with her weather waver which is now in our weather station and we get to make different weather wishes.