Week beginning 12th of October

posted 14 Oct 2015, 15:12 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 14 Oct 2015, 17:37 by Neil Pettitt ]
Welcome back to learning in school everyone!!

Thanks so much for all the home learning evidence, photos and videos. May I ask for a picture of your child's favourite healthy dinner? This will help next weeks learning when we focus on Healthy Eating. 

This week the learning focus is Russian Food with the Personal Quality being International Mindedness.  
All week the children will investigate, taste, touch, smell, look at and make foods from Russia including; pancakes, berries and beetroot to help build up their knowledge of food from their host countryThe children will have the opportunity to use Bee-bots (technology) to help make their learning bigger and better. They will direct the Bee-bots using instructions to find Russia berries on a grid. This will challenge their communication skills too!  The children will paint paper copies of the Russian Khokhloma design with real berries. To help the children understand the concepts of similarities and differences the children will compare the Russian and English version of The Big Pancake

The 4 learning strands are;

1. Independence and Interdependence 
1.7 respecting and interacting with people who are different from themselves.

2. Communicating
2.23 a selection of art, craft, songs, music and stories which are valued by the cultures in the community

3. Exploring
3.23 social relationships and social concepts, such as friendship and authority, and social rules and understandings.  

4. Healthy Living
4.4 paying attention 

Here are some pictures of some of the learning so far this week!