Week Beginning 12th February 2018

posted 11 Feb 2018, 21:52 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 11 Feb 2018, 21:52 ]
Learning this Week:

Learning Block 4: Playing with senses and Too Many Toys

BIG QUESTION: Do we all like the same toys?
Our personal quality focus is RESPECT.

This week we will:
- what toys we like and what toys we don't like
- explore different textures including hard, soft, slippery, smooth, rough, slimy, sticky
- create our own sensory toy to take home and discuss the different textures
- complete an obstacle course blindfolded in PE

Learning Strands for Observation:
2.5b Using increasingly complex language to describe objects
1.6b Expressing own views and ideas
3.1b Using the senses to make discoveries


The children will ordering and counting objects and numbers. They will:
- count how many toys we have in the toy shop
- match the number to the amount to toys

Learning Strands for Observation:
2.43b Counting groups of objects beyond 10 in quantity
2.38b Exploring written numerals


The children will develop describing vocabulary this week as they describe the materials our homemade Sensory Toys are made out of.
They will:
- use words such as: rough, smooth, hard, soft, slimy, slippery, spongy, gooey, sticky, sharp, spikey
- write a description/labels for their sensory toy

Shared Stories:
Splendid Spotted Snake by Betty Schwartz
Too Many Toys! by David Shannon

Learning Strands fro Observation:
2.5b using increasingly complex language to describe objects that are present
2.34b writing and spelling some common words within simple sentences