Week beginning 10th October

posted 10 Oct 2016, 13:48 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 10 Oct 2016, 13:55 ]

This week we will be continuing with our learning block 'My family and me.' 
Thank you to all those who have sent digital pictures of your child as a baby. If you have not yet done so then please before Thursday if possible. Thank you also for the family scrap books, they look fabulous and the children have to much to say and share about their books.

Our big Question this week is;
"How have you changed from when you were a baby?'

In IEYC we will be focusing on our three personal qualities that we have been concentrating on this term; communication, morality and enquiry. We will also be looking at how we have changed from when we were a baby and what are our skills now compared to then. We will also be looking at our daily routines.

1.10b Taking responsibilty for personal actions.
1.13b Exploring new interests and seting new goals

2.7b Using language to recall, retell and sequence events
2.14b Joining in converstaions and discussions

3.3b Exploring changes in people at different ages

In Literacy we are focusing on the sounds; ck, u, e, r
Blending the sounds together that we know to make words.
Continuing with our letter formation and labeling our own family trees.
Sharing and discussing their family scrap books.

S4. Use talk to organise, sequence & clarify thinking, ideas, feelings & events
R3. Segment the sounds in simple words & blend them together & know which letters represent some of them.
W4. Use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds.

In Numeracy we are looking at how we can add objects together to make more. We will begin to look at the symbols and vocabulary of addition.

1.    N.12 In practical activities, perform additions and subtractions and use the appropriate and relevant vocabulary. 

      Last weeks Learning experiences; 


Thank you to Grandma Wynne, Grandma Ray and Ron for sharing their experiences of what their child hood expereinces were liked. All the children enjoyed listening to their stories and had lots of very good questions to ask.
Making our baby toy