Week 4 Sept 19th

posted 18 Sep 2016, 23:20 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 25 Sep 2016, 17:21 by Neil Pettitt ]
This week in P1 we will be;

Strand 1; Independence and Interdependence

Co-operating, taking turns and following the rules of others

Strand 2; Communicating

Learning our sounds p, i, n
Practicing writing our names
Labeling the different rooms of a house
Talking and discussing about what makes a good friend, linking to our personal quality; 'Communication'
Ordering and classifying size and shape in practical contexts
Describing and naming 2D shapes such as circle, square, rectangle and triangle.
Making pictures of homes form different shapes linking to our IPC 'My home'
Exploring number in the environment and in real-life contexts.
Designing and creating 2D and 3D artwork for a range of purposes

Strand 3; Enquiring
Exploring houses and homes in the wider world.
Asking questions, experimenting with ideas and finding out about the wider world

Strand 4; Healthy Living and Physical well-being
Becoming independent in dressing/undressing, eating, drinking and personal hygiene
Taking part in regular exercise and the effect of exercise on our bodies

This Thursday your child will come home with a reading book and a sounds book along with their library book in the blue folder. The sounds book will have the name and action of the sounds that we have been looking at for the week. Please practice these sounds and actions with your child. Please read with your child after school and when you have read the book you and your child can change the book at school in the mornings before class. Please send your child with their blue reading folder everyday. (You can leave the library books at home until Thursday when they can choose 2 new books)

I will also be putting up a rota asking for 1 parent/nanny to come and help each week with swimming. You do not need to go in the water it is to help with supervision in the changing rooms before and after the swimming lessons.