Week 2 in P1 - What will learning look like this week?!

posted 6 Sep 2015, 23:44 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 13 Sep 2015, 17:31 by Neil Pettitt ]

This is some of the learning taking place this week in P1. The learning outcomes / I can statements are in green, the personal quality focus is highlighted in yellow and the Cooperative Learning Strategies are highlighted in pink.

As you can see from below its another busy learning focused week for the P1 :-) 

Literacy; Phonics;

Writing s on paper. I can form s correctly. Morality

Practice writing s on white boards. I can form s correctly. Morality

Look for s using picture cards. To be able to identify s. Thoughtfulness

Using play dough make s. I can form s correctly. Respect

Draw s in the sand. I can form s correctly. Respect

Make a craft snake – fine motor control using scissors. I can use scissors to cut along a line. Resilience

Paint s pictures. I know pictures beginning with s.  Enquiry

Math; Number. These are some of the Cooperative Learning Strategies that will help P1 with Number this week.

Quiz Quiz Trade – numbers to 5 and 10.  

Show down – numbers to 5 and 10.  

Rally Robin – numbers to 5 and 10.  

Play 'Spot the dog' number game. I can recognize numbers to 5.

Play the 'Tree Game'. I know + means more and - means less.

Morality and Cooperation

IPC; My Family  

Read - My Family, Maya’s Family and Monkey Puzzle.

Review family members of the children and talk about family members the children know who may live somewhere different; Sister? Brother? Mum? Dad? Cousin? Gran? Grandpa? Aunt? Uncle? Discuss that some families are different and talk about the similarities within families. Enquiry and Communication

Make a family portrait using cut out figures and different materials to decorate and dress them. I know who is in my family.

Morality and Resilience