Week 16 - Colour Changes and Changes in Emotions

posted 9 Jan 2016, 17:19 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 17 Jan 2016, 22:24 by Neil Pettitt ]
January 11th 2016 

Happy New Year Everyone and Welcome back to School.  

This week the children will be learning about Colour Changes and Changes in their Emotions. 

The Personal Quality focus this week will be Enquiry.  In P1 Enquiry is; beginning to ask why things are the way they are, collecting evidence to support ideas with the help of a teacher, collecting evidence without help from a teacher and always asking why things are the way they are. 

The four learning strands this week are;

Independence and Interdependence 
1.24 expressing their own ideas

2.25 a variety of types of music, art, dance and drama used as expressions of feeling, mood, situation, occasion and culture

3.3 trying things out, exploring and curiosity as important and valued ways of learning 

Healthy Living
4.8 expressing emotions and emotional needs 

The children are learning;
 - how to make a rainbow using light, torches and prisms,
 - what colours make up a rainbow and how a rainbow is made
 - colour experiments to make new colours
 - why their emotions and mood may and can change 
 - how to show emotional changes in drama, songs and dances
 - songs and dances about colour 
 - sorting shiny and dull objects 
 - make colour art pieces using bubbles, straws and paint
 - changing colours using snow inside and outside of the classroom and bubbles inside and outside of the classroom
 - using face paints / dressing up clothes and colours to change appearances and reflect emotions felt
 - designing biscuit decorations to show emotions connected to colours

The books that will help the children's learning this week are;
 Elmer by David McKree
 Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
 A Blue Day Book for Kids by Bradley Trevor Greive
You'd never believe it but a rainbow is a circle and other facts about colour by H. Taylor 

Home learning links;
 - watch video clips of Elmer and Rainbow fish or read the book if you have a copy
 - using some bigger clothes let your child dress up to change their appearance
 - draw some pictures with your child to show what colours they think of when they feel happy, excited, nervous, grumpy, sad, surprised
 - try to make a c olour collage using your bedroom toys
 - show someone how to mix two colours together to make a new colour 

Please send in  / email any photos of your child sharing this learning and i'll display it in the classroom.