Week 14 - Changes in Cultural Stories

posted 3 Dec 2015, 21:47 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 9 Jan 2016, 17:22 ]

The new Science Lab Role-Play is almost finished and the children made a great start to organising and setting it up. This week it will be full of materials for exploration and experiments related to changes

The Personal Quality focus this week will be Communication. In P1 Communication is used to describe when a child can show their feelings through actions, express themselves and listen to others and when children can show, talk and listen to others about ideas and their learning.   

These are five main learning strands that we are focusing on this week; 

Independence and Interdependence

1.11 interpersonal skills


2.4 using repetitive sounds and words, aspects of language such as rhyme, rhythm and alliteration, and to enjoy nonsense stories and rhymes 

2.21 being creative and express through a variety of activities


3.10 setting and solving problems 

Healthy Living

4.1 keep themselves safe from harm (linked to winter safety)  

This week the children are learning about;

- How to make a timeline of themselves since birth to present day - talking about their history so far

- Wider community links; toddler, teenager and older visitors in class to talk about their life cycle and changes so far.  

- Developing coaching skills using the Cooperative Learning Structure  Quiz Quiz Trade when practicing numbers within 10 and the 26 sounds in the alphabet 

- Listening to, sequencing and reenacting the story of The Ginger Bread Man.

- Comparing the Russian version Kolobok with the English version 

- Making Gingerbread men and exploring all the changes in cooking this.

- Design a gingerbread man craft

- Changing numbers within 10 to make them bigger (addition) or smaller (subtraction) 

- Changing letter to create new rhyming words 

Changing 2D net shapes into 3D shapes to make a gingerbread house 

Home links

Why not try - 

* making gingerbread cookies together 

* watch the youtube video Kolobok this is the link to copy and pastehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-IYU_XqWa4

* changing familiar rhymes or favourtie family songs 


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