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posted 23 Nov 2017, 21:16 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 23 Nov 2017, 21:17 ]
Over the past two days the children's curiosity led their learning and they had to opportunity to experience activities that highlighted some of the skills we will explore in a greater depth in our new unit of learning, My Toy Shop. We Stepped Inside the world of Toy Makers and learned about many different ways to make and construct toys. We also examined how different toys moved and worked as we explored a range of toys, from duplo to fishing games to toys in the sand and water.

As their curiosity was sparked, the children explored the activities in more depth and each child had an unique learning experience.

They may have experienced:
- create a baby's toy rattle using papier mache
- creating toys using wheels
- sewing a purse for use in the toy shop


This week we also learned how to play in our toy shop, learning phrases and new vocabulary such as "how much is this?" "May I please have a receipt?" "That will cost... ". As TOy Shop owners we organised, sorted and counted our toys, creating inventories of the items in our shop. 

We also painted a picture of toys we liked to play with. The children then explained to me why they enjoyed playing with the toys they had painted. Please come into the classroom to see the gallery.

Next Week:

Literacy Learning:
Phonics: g, o, c, k
Tricky Word: I
Sentence writing: I can...

Maths Learning:
Recording subtraction using numbers and symbols
grouping and sorting objects

IEYC Learning:
Next week we begin with Learning Block 1, all about Lost and Found toys.
We start the week by asking "What is your favourite toy?" and ask the children to bring in their favourite toy on MONDAY 27th November. This toy will stay at school for the week and sleep over in the classroom. Although we strive to ensure that all toys will be handled with utmost respect and care, accidents can happen so please do not send in a toy that is precious.
We will focus on the Personal Quality communication as we will be discussing, describing and communicating the reasons WHY we like out toy.

We will read the stories "Dogger" by Shirley Hughes and "Kipper's Toybox" by Mick Inkpen and explore the emotions of others and ourselves and explore where lost toys go! 
You can share the stories here:

YouTube Video


YouTube Video