Swimming with P1

posted 8 Sep 2015, 21:50 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 22 Sep 2015, 17:05 by Neil Pettitt ]

On Monday P1 started Swimming which is part of our IPC; the subject of P.E. This was very exciting for all the children especially those who had never been to Oasis. Over the term the children will learn many new skills in the water and build up confidence.  

I will be putting up a sign up sheet outside for parent helpers to walk over with the children and help in the changing rooms before and after swimming. If you have any time please sign up on the date that suits you. 

Changing will be easier if the children have simple outfits on e.g. jeans and a t-shirt. Having to put on tights or clothes with many buttons after swimming can be difficult and stops the children from being independent.

The children need to wear a swimming cap, this is a health and safety policy at Oasis and the children are not allowed to swim without wearing one. Each Monday your child should bring; Swimming cap, goggles, swimming suit, towel.