Run Run as fast as you can...

posted 2 Nov 2017, 22:03 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 2 Nov 2017, 22:14 ]
That's what we did this week! We enjoyed acting out the story of the gingerbread man, retelling it using puppets and retelling it through pictures!
We absolutely LOVED baking gingerbread men... we smelled and tasted the ingredients that we used to make the gingerbread as well as measured, mixed, kneaded, rolled out and cut the gingerbread men! 
The next morning we went to collect the Gingerbread from the oven and THEY WERE GONE!!! They had run away but left clues for us. We chased all over the school in search of them... Can you remember where we searched? 
Finally we found and chomped their legs off to make sure they didn't run away again!

We used cooperation to build a fabulous gingerbread house and even made our own houses during sharing time with Nursery. We were asked the Big Question: "How can we save the gingerbread man?" and came up with lots of ideas:

- he could run around the river
- we could build a brigde
- he could ask the fish to take him across
- he could camouflage and hide until the others left
- he could use a boat

We settled on the last idea and then designed and built our own boats for the gingerbread man using craft and junk materials. We explore waterproof and non-waterproof materials and sinking and floating. Some of us saved the gingerbread man, however he did come to a soggy end more than once!

After the holiday we will start with our phonics program and home reading. Please ensure blue bags are sent on Monday.
The first week back we also have our open learning session on Wednesday 15th November from 8:15- 9:30
Please check emails for information about our exit point on Thursday 16th November.

Enjoy the photos of some of our learning this week and have a safe and relaxing week's holiday!

Exploring the ingredients and making the gingerbread men!

Searching for those naughty gingerbread men!
Building all sizes of Gingerbread Houses!
Designing, building and testing boats!

Primary 1 Teacher,
2 Nov 2017, 22:14