Rocketing Towards the Moon!

posted 26 Apr 2018, 22:20 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 26 Apr 2018, 22:35 ]
This week the children have enjoyed exploring rockets, the parts of the space shuttle and what happens after lift off.
We watched videos and then role-played the rocket launch, before making our own space shuttles in teams. We then took photos of each section of the launch and saw how the rocket launched. See the rocket launching here... videos of the role play will be uploaded to Seesaw.

We then drew our own space shuttle and wrote labels. Together we wrote a recount of what happens during a launch.

Together with Nursery, we have begun to explore the moon. We will continue this learning next week learning the different phases of the moon and the reasoning behind this. Why not look at the moon through a telescope or a pair of binoculars? To start this off we read a beautiful book "Papa please get the moon for me" by Eric Carle. We created some lovely artwork around this story too.Share the story with your child here.

YouTube Video