Reflection week in P1

posted 15 Nov 2015, 22:25 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 15 Nov 2015, 22:32 by ]
We are now at the end of our Food Unit and the children will take part in a Reflection Week. The is the week when the children have the opportunity to look back over their learning and feel so proud of all the new knowledge, skills and understanding they have acquired. To help with this the children will be partnering up with Mile Post 2 children to reflect on Bread Week and their Guiseppe Archiboldo food art. 
This week there will be two Exit Points for the P1; a trip to the Citi Mall Food Hall and creating their own Classroom Cafe. All of the learning throughout the Food Unit will support the children with the understanding they need for each Exit Point. 

We will also send home a Summary Reflection Report of your child's learning over the course of their food unit. The report will be sent out at the end of our reflection week. 

In addition, the children will reflect on all the Personal Qualities they have investigated so far and read the Personal Quality books they have been exploring during each weeks focus.


These are four main learning strands that we are focusing on this week;

Independence and Interdependence

1.25 taking on different roles


2.13 exploring and observing the use of numbers


3.15 Choosing and experimenting with materials

Healthy Living

4.9 Keeping themselves safe from harm


Home Links/Important Dates:

This week parents are invited to join in with their child’s learning experiences on Wednesday morning at 8.45am. This a special opportunity for you to sit with your child whilst they complete/take part in learning. Please join in, ask them questions and encourage them to talk to you about the classroom environment and what they have been learning about. 

* The children will leave for their Citi Mall trip on Tuesday morning. Please don’t dress your child in a full snow suit that day so that they can be comfortable at Citi Mall. The children will not need a snack on Wednesday as we will be purchasing food from the real food hall. The school will be paying for the snack that the children purchase so you do not need to give your child money to bring.

* Classroom Cafe - Friday 14:30 in the P1 classroom.