Reflection week 24th October

posted 22 Oct 2016, 18:21 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 22 Oct 2016, 18:34 ]
This week in P1 we will be reflecting and thinking about all their learning that has taken place throughout the unit; 'This is Me'

The children will be given an opportunity to look through and reflect on their own learning journey and talk about their favourite activities, what they can now do (skill) and what they now know (knowledge.) They will also be able to find out and explore more about anything that has really interested them during the unit.

We will have our own Early Years Exit Point on Thursday morning which will be planning a Birthday party. The children are taking ownership for organising all their party games, food/drinks and making decorations. They will be responsible for making all the decisions and will practice showing cooperation as they take on other children’s ideas and make decisions in a group.

Then on Friday the children will join in with the whole school Exit Point  'Habitats.' The P1 children are invited to dress up as an animal in the afternoon. We will then discuss which habitat they think their animal belongs to.

An egg experiment to show what sugar does to teeth.

Making friendship necklaces

Our new playground opened this week. Thanks to the PSA for all their help!