Reflection of learning.

posted 8 Oct 2015, 18:12 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 14 Oct 2015, 14:32 ]
Thank you so much for all the videos, emails and photos. I have been collecting these to keep and make into a classroom book and evidence for the children's learning. Could I ask that all the paper recordings the children completed that you also send in and these can be stuck directly into their learning books? 

A review of this weeks learning strands;

Independence and interdependence
1.18 Taking responsibility for their own actions


2.3 Using language skills in a variety of contexts

Healthy Living
4.3 Making choices
4.4 Paying attention

This weeks Personal Quality was Resilience. Talk to your child about what being resilient means. Can they show you how they were resilient in one of their learning task? 

Reflection of Learning;
Patterns -
Encourage your child to tell you what the word pattern means. Can they make you examples using toys, their body or items from outside?

2D Shape - 
Ask your child to draw/make with their finger the 4 2D shapes; square, circle, rectangle and triangle? Can they remember the shapes songs?  
Spelling - 
Can your child read these High Frequency Words; a, in, it, is, an, sit, sat, tap? Practice by writing them on Post-its around the house and making them hunt for a particular word. Remind your child how to blend the word together "i" and "n" say "in". 

Princess and the Pea - 
To help your child understand the story ask them these questions;
What is the story about?
Who are the main characters?
Did you enjoy this story? Why?
Thinking about the beginning, middle and end of the story. What did you like best and why? 

Have a wonderful weekend and be careful of the high winds outside,
See you on Monday,
Mrs Grayston :-)