Our Toy Shop!

posted 19 Nov 2017, 22:02 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 19 Nov 2017, 22:04 ]
Learning Foci this week:

Letters and Sounds: i, n, m, d. 
Tricky word: to

Maths: sorting, categorising and graphing data

IEYC: New Unit My Toy Shop: Capturing Curiosity through The Entry Point and The Big Picture
    BIG QUESTION: What Toys do you play with?

Our Entry Point

This morning we came into very interesting collection of things on our tables. We were a little bit confused what had happened, until Mr Freeman came running into the classroom with a letter addressed to P1! The sender was T.Builder... very suspicious!


We used our Enquiry skills and discovered that the letter was from Terry, The Toy Maker. He has gone away on holidays and left us with his Toy shop! We shared our ideas about what toys might be in the Toy Shop with out shoulder partner using Rally Robin. Then we sorted the Toys into different groups. We came up with:

- transport
- soft toys
- dolls
- role play
- dress-up
- outside games
- puzzles
- toys with buttons and winders
- musical instruments


Next, we placed all the toys into the toy shop and wrote labels and price tags for all the toys! Finally we were ready to play in our Toy shop! We had a go at shopping in the Toy Shop, being cashiers, paying money and even writing receipts for the things we bought!


We are looking forward to learn all about Toys and Toy Shops!