Leave Only Footprints

posted 28 May 2018, 18:23 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 28 May 2018, 18:31 ]
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This week we are linking our learning to UN Goal: Life Below Water and our Personal Quality Morality.

In our IEYC Learning we will be:

- making a special treasure box to keep 
- learning about the slogan - leave only footprints on the beach
- looking at how rubbish on the beach can hurt animals
- learning about how baby turtles (hatchlings) cross the beach after they hatch
- playing board games about turtles and the beach and talking about addition and subtraction (how many more spaces until you reach the sea?)

Our focused Literacy learning this week:

- Reading, writing and recognising words with Consonant Clusters at the beginning and end of the word: frost, crust, trunk, drink
- Recognising 2 letter, 1 sound graphemes in words and adding sound buttons to these: c- oa-ch, h-ar-d, d-ow-n
- Introducing the new tricky words: one, there, were, little
- Revising Tricky words: some, come, said, have
- Writing tricky words from phase 2 and 3: 
    I, go, no, into, to the
    he, me, be, she, we, was, my, you, are, her, they, all