Learning is fun in P1 - September 4th !!!

posted 2 Sep 2015, 23:17 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 2 Sep 2015, 23:42 by Neil Pettitt ]
Welcome to an exciting year ahead in P1
with Mrs. Grayston and Ms. Ira. 

The children have all settled into the new routines and structures of P1 quickly and with smiles!!

This week the learning focus was on 'A safer journey to school'.
The children will learn about different ways to keep themselves safe on the way to school as well as things to look out for that could be dangerous.

The 3 main learning outcomes are;

To be able to cross a road safely.

To know you should always wear a helmet when riding a bike/scooter.

To understand and talk about why reflectors are important.   

Some of the learning focused activities to help achieve the Learning Outcomes are;

  • -          Cooperative Learning Strategies; Quiz Quiz Trade using safe and unsafe cards,         Class and Team building games using road crossing sequencing, safety cards.

    -          Role play of crossing the road inside and outside of the classroom.

    -          How to put a seat belt on in the car – practice using big bear and a car seat.

    -          Smart board games identifying dangers near the road.

    -          Designing reflectors for helmets and clothing.

    -          Songs related to seat belt safety and crossing the road.

    -          Traffic survey on Zima.

    -          Zebra crossing and traffic light craft.

On Friday the children will reflect on their learning from the week. This learning will be displayed on safety posters made by each P1.