Goodbye to Storyland!

posted 16 Nov 2017, 21:57 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 16 Nov 2017, 21:58 ]
We completed our Once Upon a Time unit this week we a fabulous Storyland Gala where the children travelled from country to country experiencing stories from different countries in different languages. Armed with their passports, the children flew to Nigeria, Japan, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Scotland and back to Russia! A big thank you to all the parents who made this afternoon possible!


Earlier in the week the children enjoyed learning about a traditional Russian folk-tale and The Three Little Pigs. They built houses of straw, sticks and bricks and then watched them get blown away by the big bad wolf!


We also started our learning our single letter sounds this week, starting with the sounds: s, a, t, p. We learned to blend the sounds together to read the words sat, pat, tap, at. We practiced writing the letters with the correct formation and we enjoyed sorting objects to the correct sounds. We also learned the tricky word: the. We practiced recognising this word in lots of different books and even found it in games!

Looking to next week:

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Tricky word: to
Maths: sorting, categorising and graphing data
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