First Days in P1

posted 31 Aug 2017, 20:45 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 31 Aug 2017, 21:41 ]
The children have had a wonderful start to P1. We have been learning a lot about each other, discussing our favourite colours, our favourite foods and what we did over our holidays. We have been getting to know our new classroom, playing in the different centres and having lots of fun!


We have also been enjoying team building games. The first game required us to use CO-OPERATION to make Shoe Towers. We started with just four shoes, and then used 6, 8 and finally 10 shoes!


Our Second Game not only required CO-OPERATION, but also RESILIENCE as we had to try get our bodies through the hoop without using our hands!


Important Information for next week.
Swimming Starts on MONDAY. Please ensure your child has the appropriate gear.