Celebrations Week - November 9th - 13th

posted 8 Nov 2015, 23:03 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 15 Nov 2015, 22:33 by Neil Pettitt ]
Important Diary Dates!!!

Citi Mall Trip
Tuesday November 17th P1 will go to Citi Mall as part of their Exit Point learning on Food. If you are able to come along and help with this trip please let me know before Thursday November 12th.

Invitation to share learning in P1
Please come and join our open morning on Wednesday November 18th from 08:15 - 10:00.

Exit Point Cafe
P1 will be housing a real cafe in the classroom on Friday November 20th from 2:30 - 3:00. This will give the children an opportunity to show you how much they have learned during the food unit. 

More information will be sent out this week regarding all 3 of the points above. 


This week the learning focus is Celebrations; Birthdays, Diwali and Luna New Year. The main Personal Quality focus is Respect but there will be some learning activities where the children can try to choose what Personal Quality will help their learning.

The 4 learning strands this week are;
Independence and Interdependence
1.2 diversity
1.20 links between school and wider community

2.25 a variety of types of music, art, dance and drama used as expressions of feeling, mood, situation, occasion and culture.

3.20 stories including myths, legends, oral, fiction and non-fiction

This week the children will learn about three celebrations; Birthdays, Diwali and Luna New Year and how food is an important part of that celebration. 

Birthday Celebrations

The children will be learning;  

how to make an invitation and why they are sent out

what games are played at birthday celebration

design and decorate a birthday cupcake

Luna New Year Celebration;

The children will be learning;  
how to make a traditional paper lantern

how to make a sushi roll

learn a traditional dragon dance 

Diwali Celebration;

The children will be learning;

the story of Rama and Sita

how to make Diva lights

what Mendi patterns are and how to design one

This week the children will show their understanding of sounds through reading, making and writing many two and three lettered words. The new sounds that the children will learn are c,k and e. 

Our guided reading text will be; Fun at the beach. 

Home learning links

This week parents could talk about any special family celebrations and what food is important to that celebration. A photo of this would be a great stimulus for your child to use to talk about this celebrations in class.