Bread week in P1 26th - 30th of October

posted 22 Oct 2015, 22:53 by Primary 1 Teacher   [ updated 24 Oct 2015, 20:00 by Neil Pettitt ]
This week the learning focus is Bread with the Personal Quality's being Adaptability and International Mindedness. The P1 will continue practice using the terms Knowledge, Skills and Understanding through many focused learning activities which you can see below.

The 4 learning strands this week are;
Independence and Interdependence
1.25 taking on different roles in different contexts

2.4 Using repetitive sounds and words, aspects of language such as rhythm, rhyme and alliteration

3.3 trying things out, exploring and curiosity as important and valued ways of learning

Healthy Living
4.9 keep themselves safe from harm

This week the children will learn about breads from around the world focusing on Indian, Russian, Italian, French and the UK. The books that will be used to help are; The Little Red Hen and the non-fiction text Bread. 

The children will learn; 

what ingredients are in bread

why bread is so popular around the world

where some breads come from around the world

using the Bee-Bots to show understanding of bread from around the world 

how to design a sandwich

make their own bread roll and use their sandwich design to fill the roll

role-playing Bakeries

Role-playing The Little Red Hen with masks

Sequencing the story of The Little Red Hen 

Making mini pizzas 

Designing a 3D box to take home their pizza's 

The sounds that the children will be practicing are; c, k, e, s,a,t,i,p and n. Now the children have the knowledge and skills to read and write these words; at, is, in, it, sat, sit, spin, pat, pit, pet, ten, pen, neck, pick. The High Frequency words that they children will read this week are; in, the, I, on, he and she.

Our guided reading text will be; The Pancake and The Lost Teddy. 

Home learning links

This week parents could;

- make bread at home  or help prepare sandwiches for a picnic lunch  

take your child to a Bakery

-   talk about where some bread comes from around the world - map show them on a map/globe

-  keep a food diary of how many times you eat bread in a week

-  read books each night and talk about the story

- practice writing the sounds - s,a,t,i,p,n,c,k and e

- watch this video of The Little Red Hen: