Week Beginning 8th Feb: Changes IPC Unit

posted 4 Feb 2016, 14:12 by Nursery Teacher 2   [ updated 6 Feb 2016, 23:56 ]

This week in our Changes Unit we are learning about how animals and insects change in their life cycles! We will explore a variety of different animal types, their names and the different ways they grow.

The children will have a big focus on Respect, one of our IPC Personal Qualities. They will practice showing respect for natural objects and class resources by being gentle and careful with them as they investigate.


These are four main learning strands that we are focusing on this week;


2.7 enjoying and using verbal communication

2.24 enjoying and using music, art, drama and dance


3.6 controlling their bodies

3.21 the Earth and beyond


 Home Links:

Did you know…Cows are not the only animals whose babies are called calves. You can use the word to mean a baby whale, baby elephant, camel, giraffe, hippo and many more! This is something you could investigate together at home.

* If anyone has a pet at home please send in a photograph for your child to present to the class. This will support the class in their animal investigation. 

Some of our learning experiences from last week: